IN Power Yoga


You don’t need to be flexible, strong or experienced to practice yoga at IN Power Yoga!  After just a few sessions, you might start to notice increased flexibility, more strength and improved muscle tone, and feel more active overall.   A few yoga sessions can help you gain a strong sense of connection to the physical body through the postures in power yoga. This connection between breath, mind, and body can help alleviate stress and improve mental wellbeing and physical fitness. All classes are for EVERYONE and modifications are always available as well as yoga blocks for assistance with poses.

Bring water, a towel and a yoga mat. If you don’t have a mat, we have mats in the studio for rent or purchase.  Blocks and straps are also available for use at no charge.  A filtered water station is available to refill your bottle anytime.  Leave your expectations behind and come to enjoy your practice!

Practicing yoga increases physical strength, flexibility and posture. Additionally you will gain many mental benefits such as improved focus and feeling more grounded as well as being part of a fantastic community!

Our studio is heated to 95 degrees using infrared heat.  Infrared heat allows you to feel warmth like sunshine, without any actual UV rays.  Infrared heat has many health benefits including increased circulation and detoxification.

IN Power Yoga features restrooms with changing space, a shower and a water cooler.  The studio also has plenty of easy parking!

When practicing yoga, keep in mind that all bodies are very different and there isn’t just one ‘right’ way to do a pose.  Developing body awareness takes practice and many times, your body may feel different with each day you practice.  It is important to note that yoga is not meant to hurt.  You will likely experience different sensations than you’re used to and you may feel your muscles working, but any type of sharp pain or pinching is a sign that you should listen to your body and slowly come out of the pose.  Our teachers are always available before and after class for any questions and happy to help!