IN Power Yoga

A Studio INspired...

In late September of 2020, like many small businesses at the time, our beloved home yoga studio closed. We felt lost and sad for everyone involved.

This could not be the end of our story.

Our family of teachers gathered, resolved to continue to practice and share yoga and meditation in the Baptiste Yoga method.  We’ll never forget the dramatic thunderstorm that passed through the area during our meeting. By the end of our creation session, the skies had cleared, and the universal message received – carry on, yogis!

IN Power Yoga was IGNITED!

Together with most of the team that still teaches today, we created a temporary space with a neighboring studio (like only yoga people can – right?) Within 9 months we opened our beautiful new studio space, where we are up-to-something big together and share this practice 30 times each week. 

We are your neighbors and friends – most of us have been part of the local community for 15 years or more.  To have this practice available and thriving was important, as each one of us on Team IPY took the step to become a yoga teacher because something happened for us because of this practice. Something in our life got bigger, better, bolder, cleared out, cleared away, or healed. 

This transformational practice is a catalyst for big shifts, on the mat and in life.  Sharing this practice feels like a cherished obligation and a gift of service – in that when you love something and share it wholeheartedly, it expands in and around you everywhere.

We welcome you IN and on your mat to:

  • Discover something new for yourself, through physical yoga practice, meditation, and self-inquiry.
  • Create yourself more mentally and physically fit and live a more fulfilling life.
  • Experience a place to feel at home and to feel comfortable IN your body.
  • Show up for yourself and freely support your own personal growth and total wellness.

When you are ready for something that works in your body and in your life – we are here.

And – the INvitation stands if you simply want to come and do the yoga!  We can’t wait to practice with you.

About Chris Bremerman –founder IN Power Yoga

Baptiste Yoga Certified Educator and Influencer (1200hr) 

Certified Personal Trainer (Cooper Institute)

I’ve been helping people transform their lives and their relationship with their body, physical activity, and nutrition for 19 years. When I discovered this yoga practice, I was going through a rough patch in my personal training business – a forced move, supporting the trainers in the studio, and keeping my own business and clients thriving.  I was losing sleep, missing workouts and making poor nutrition choices in order to ‘make me feel better.’  I felt like nothing was going right and the world was not on my side. 

After my very first practice, I realized I did not think about anything else for 60 minutes. This freedom was invigorating!  I came back almost every day for the first 2 weeks. This simple clarity gave me space to see what was most important to me, take the focus off ‘what is wrong,’ and see the next right action. It didn’t lessen the task, it allowed me to put my attention on what I wanted to have happen and the confidence to move toward it.  And, just like there’s an unlimited supply of new challenges in life, there’s an unlimited supply of what I receive from this practice – over and over again.

Within a year I wanted to share this practice, attended my first yoga teacher training, and continue to grow my education through the Baptiste Institute ever since. I love being a student and will always be a yoga student first. I graduated from the FIT to Lead program with Baron Baptiste in 2018 (like a master’s program in Baptiste Yoga & Methodology) and had no idea where it would lead me – only that I would be ready and listening when the opportunity or need presented itself. I’ve had the privilege of training with other internationally well-known teachers, including Seane Corn and Paige Ellison.

It’s an honor to be in this studio, with this team of amazing teachers and a community of students up-to-something for themselves and each other. I’m grateful every time I get to lead a class, a program or teacher training, share yoga 1:1, work with the team, or even clean the floors.

This studio is the culmination of a community on a mission – there’s no end to what we can do together.

I take your personal health and safety seriously, and I’m also a stand for you getting out of your own way and creating the life you want to live. I know the mat is an available path to that personal freedom, and I’ll keep welcoming you to try it on, over and over and over again. Oh, and bring a towel – you are going to sweat!

Welcome IN. We can’t wait to practice with you.